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Our Unforeseen Journey

Published on March 29, 2017 in Share Your Story

In Cole’s Words:
I got hit in football I thought it was a concussion. Then, maybe a year later me and my mom went to the hospital to the concussion clinic and she said I needed an MRI. I was really scared my dad and my mom made me feel better. Then, the oncologist came and told my mom that they found a brain tumor. My mom was sitting in a room crying, so then I did too because I realized I had it. So then that Friday I had the surgery to have it removed. I woke up and said ” is it done” everyone said yes and it was. And here I am all better.

It will be a year in June since our very scary journey started. Cole had been sick for the year leading up to the diagnosis, but we thought it was related to the ADHD medicine that he was taking. In March when we took him off all meds, because he was just so sick he just didn’t seem to get better. So I finally made the call to take him to the neurologist. In the end, he was diagnosed with a brain tumor on Monday and had surgery to remove it on Friday. The tumor was cancerous but the surgeon was able to remove the entire tumor and it didn’t spread to any other part of his brain.

We continue to monitor him with MRIs every 6 months, and we have a very good prognosis for him moving forward. I am glad that I was persistent with the pediatrician in knowing something was wrong truly wrong with my son, and finally got someone to listen. He is a healthy 10 year old boy, who loves to play video games, football, and playing outside with his friends, all things he didn’t feel well enough to do last year. We are so grateful to have found an answer and to have such a great outcome. Cole is our super hero!!

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