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Wait… I have a brain tumor?

Published on February 6, 2019 in Share Your Story

2016- I had just started a new job and felt like I was in a great place. I would get migraines, which would often lead to me taking excessively much aspirin. I was referred to a physician, who ordered an MRI… “You have a brain tumor”. The feeling that I would hope nobody feels is that at a moment life this, there a surreal feeling of not wanting others to know you have been diagnosed with a brain tumor. Fortunately, my family was there to provide the support I so desperately needed – Especially my mother who told me “You will be fine” – her confidence meant so much to me.

That Monday I got a call to come in to meet with who would eventually be my Neurosurgeon, Dr. Thomas Steineke (who did an AMAZING JOB). I had an Acoustic Neuroma, the good news was my tumor was benign, but removing it would most certainly leave me deaf on my left side. To be honest, the thought of being deaf on one side never even fazed me – I knew I was extremely fortunate.

It has been 2 years, I am doing great. I think about my brain tumor daily, being deaf on one side is an odd feeling. You can almost feel overcome by too much loud noise around you, but I can honestly say I am happy and healthy.

Thank you so much to my family, friends, and anyone who supported me in anyway before and after surgery.

Mike Georgevich

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