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Walk with Brenda

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Walk with Brenda


My mom, Brenda, was diagnosed over 3 years ago with a grade 4 glioblastoma mutliforme. Before my mom was diagnosed she experienced the worse type of headaches, they were knife stabbing and piercing. She would spill her coffee or the cup would fly from her hands not to mention many other odd things that were happening with her. That all started in December 2010. She got to the point of not being able to function due to the pain. I could not believe the state my mom was in when I had went to Oregon for a visit; she couldn’t even pick her clothes up off the floor. The doctor had thought it was from a neck injury she had years previous and had sent her to physical therapy. Didn’t even call her in to his office to check her out and review her symptoms. He was on vacation during the time before her diagnosis and my mom could not even get pain pills subscribed to help with the pain.

Now, I wish I would have put her in the car and taken her to the hospital when I saw what state she was in. I would like to tell all of you that if you feel that something is wrong with your body or someone else’s listen to your instincts and act on it immediately. It took until April 2011 for my mom to actually see someone and only because my mom broke down had to call and beg for an MRI in tears because she knew something was not right and it needed to be done now. As soon as they saw the scan they wanted to do immediate surgery. This was the first time she actually saw and met the doctor. Who knows how much that tumor had grown from December 2010 to April 2011? If only he would have taken the time to meet with her. My mom’s tumor had grown to the size of a goose egg. She had surgery a few days later so that all her family could be there. After surgery she did the radiation and chemo and was doing quite well considering.

Last year Oct 2013 after we did the walk for N.B.T.S. she found out her tumor had come back, one month after returning home. There were no signs or symptoms only a scan that showed the re-growth. They found it on a Thursday, met the surgeon on Friday and had her 2nd brain surgery on Monday. Brenda is currently on chemo but had to stop during the last round because it has taken too much of a toll on her brain and body as of June 2014. She has really had a rough time the last few months. We are waiting to see what the next plan of action is and she may chose to stop chemo all together. Even while on chemo the tumor can come back…which is a really depressing thing to hear. It breaks my heart to see my mom go through this. She wants to be normal and be a grandma to her 3 grandchildren without this horrible disease brining her down. I cry and get mad often not only because she is my mom but my best friend who is the kindest, most caring and thoughtful person I know. This disease is horrible and hearing those words terminal brain cancer is simply nauseating and heartbreaking. I cannot wait for the day a cure is found and they find a way to prevent the reoccurrence of brain tumors. I feel something has to be done. I never even thought of the idea of a brain tumor or heard much about it before my mom was diagnosed. I only heard about that in movies or the news from what I can remember. This is the reason why I’ve decided to get involved and do what I can to bring us closer to finding a cure. If that takes stories and money then I will tell this story and I will help to raise money. The most important thing you can do is to be there for the person suffering. You will never know how they feel emotionally or physically. No matter how small or big a gesture it all matters.

Even though I live a state away from my mom and wish every day I could be there with her so I do as much as I possibly can to let her know I’m here for her and support her no matter what and no matter what type of day she is having good or bad. I dream, wish and pray that my mom has good days. We talk everyday and I try to be a motivating and positive person in her life. We have done a lot of things together since she was diagnosed and I’m really looking forward to seeing her and all the family next month. I’m getting married and cannot wait to wear her wedding dress. My mom and dad have been married for 40 years. Please remember we do not know what tomorrow brings so make today count! Live in the moment not the past or future. Best Wishes, Stacy

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