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What’s Worse than MS Is a Brain Tumor?

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

What’s Worse than MS Is a Brain Tumor?


In September 2010 I was mistakenly told I had Multiple Sclerosis. I studied the disease, it’s diet and did the nightly shots. After four months I returned for my follow up to find out I did not have MS but I do have a brain. I waited for last days of kindergarten to pass for my daughter and an enjoyed my sons second grade program with pride. Then started my scary journey of brain surgery, physical therapy and 30 radiation treatments all with the theory everything would be fine because it had to be. My family needed me and I needed them. “Normalcy” became my goal and demand all once. Three years later I still fight and smile at every fear because the tumor is still there. We have named her Agutha and she is a part of us.

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