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Why Does Everyone Obsess with Pink?

Published on November 11, 2014 in Share Your Story

Why Does Everyone Obsess with Pink? There Are Other Cancers besides Breast.


Like having four head on car accidents wasn’t enough, I was diagnosed with CNS lymphoma Memorial Day weekend, the same week my daughter found out she was to have her first baby. It took several weeks and a second tumor to form for the doctors to get enough sample to determine it was a lymphoma and I started chemo. I worked with cancer patients for years, but you can’t even prepare yourself for it being you. How do I live without fear? 50/50 was my prognosis. That stinks. It seems like all the research goes to breast cancer. Someone needs to bring attention to neurological cancers and cures need to be created. We deserve to live, and we deserve a better color than gray. I get it – gray matter. But how does gray make you smile?

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