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This will be my Legacy.

Published on September 22, 2018 in Share Your Story

On June 3, 2018, I suffered a grand mal seizure my partner Jennifer’s home. We had just arrived back to NY the day before from Virginia Beach. I had driven most of the way, but wasn’t feeling that great, so Jen drove the last few hours. Just before I had the seizure, I was at the table, looking at my computer. I still didn’t feel that great. I just felt out of sorts,in my head. I thought for a second and was just about to tell Jen that my head didn’t feel right, in case something happens. That’s what I thought. It was never said. I immediately went into a grand mal seizure and collapsed from the chair and fell to the floor. 2 craniotomies and tumor resection later, I’m finishing up round 1 of Radiation and Temodar pill. Just like anything else in my life, I’m tackling this head on with a very positive attitude.

How come I can have such a great attitude despite a deadly diagnosis? While most Chinese fortunes are totally random and not meant specifically for the reader, 2 years ago I opened one that spoke volumes to me. As I was looking through my Facebook photo uploads,this picture really hit home again. Being positive has always been a strength and trait for me that has helped me survive so many hardships and horrible experiences. I decided early in my teens that, in spite of all that I had been through, I would never let it affect who I would become as a person. It’s what got me through the tough, horrific experiences as a child. Brain Cancer? Pfft! That’s easy. It’s nothing compared to all that I had already overcome. I have so many standing beside me during this Most challenging problem I have ever faced. I promise you all that I will not let this latest “problem” alter who I am.

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