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Wizard’s Rat Pack

Published on April 27, 2017 in Share Your Story

My husband, John G Harlan, was called “Wizard” by many that new him. He loved motorcycles!
He built a rat bike years ago and won many trophies for it’s uniqueness. In January 2009, he fell ill to a GBM grade 4 and had surgery to remove as much as they could get. He had radiation and chemo and was staying positive and very much wanted to beat this thing. The vision in his left eye was taken from him by the tumor!

In July 2010, he needed another surgery to remove new growth and continued chemo. In October 2010, he lost movement of his legs and was admitted to Albany Med for rehab, if possible. That did not go well. When the treatment no longer stayed ahead of him, he was taken off meds and waited for an opening in a nursing home. He was admitted into a nursing home closer to our home, but after a week he passed in his sleep on December 15, 2010. He was my husband, a father of a daughter and son and grandfather to four grandsons and one granddaughter.

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