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Wonder Girls

Published on November 11, 2014 in Share Your Story

Wonder Girls


This is my sister Peachii. She is a wonderful girl for we. Doctor discovered a tumor in her head 2 years ago. And this is her 2nd surgery. The doctors in Thailand refused to treat her. They told us that She can not have surgery because it was too dangerous. but Her heart is very strong. She’s say “I do not like bald with radiation therapy. I need surgery to recover only” And finally, she was treated by the best doctors from UCLA hospital, USA. The story takes place many times, she stopped breathing 2 time, her heart pump 2 to 4, but because she has the best father that I did well. Make a miracle happen for our family in the end. She now lives in Thailand. She is currently writing a story of the miracle of her life to everyone in the world to know. FB: Peachii Geozano

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