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Yes, Virginia, I Did Survive…

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

Yes, Virginia, I Did Survive…


July, 2006. Deplaned in Nashville, TN from Denver, CO. Couldn’t walk had to have a wheelchair to leave the airport. Three days later, after two days/nights in intensive care Dr. Hubbard opened my skull and resection my Anaplastic oligodendroglioma.

Thanks to my oncologist, Dr. David Spigel – Sarah Cannon Research Center – I was able to enroll in Schering-Ploughs program which provided my Temodar at no cost to me. I couldn’t wait until my six months were up so I could get off the Temodar. Anti-nausea meds made it possible to get through the worst of the chemo without completely losing anything and everything I out into my stomach, I believe that may be a big reason the Temodar was so effective for me since I didn’t throw it up.Too many MRIs later no signs of recurring tumor, I feel good – although I’m not driving due to a couple of seizures. Have not been able to go back to work – couldn’t possibly do the work I did prior to tumor. Sadly many of the members of our Northeast Florida Brain Tumor Support Group have passed. I have not yet succumbed, thankfully.

Stay positive, especially find things to laugh about either yourself or other comedic options. Don’t give up until you can fight no longer. Remember there are many people who love you.

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