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Published on March 28, 2019 in Share Your Story

Zachary Heston – Hello, I am writing this for my husband. My name is Anna Heston. I wanted to share Zachary Heston’s story.

Zack was diagnosed with a grade 2 brain tumor in April of 2013. He had his first surgery in May that year. He went into an amazing remission until April of 2017. He then had a second surgery in August of that same year. Thankfully, the tumor had just came back in the same spot, and was operable again, only he had to be awake, since it was slightly closer to the part of his brain that controlled his limb movement on his right side.

He was told after the surgery, that the grade was then up to a 4, and it was GBM. They gave him 1 year. Exactly one year later, we found out that two new tumors popped up in an area so low, that surgery was not an option. He began treatments in September of 2018, and competed them in October 2018. The tumors were no longer responsive to the treatments. Over all, from 2013, they told him 5 years total. Zack passed away on March 9th, 2019… this month.

THAT was 6 years total! HE BEAT THE ODDS. I know we both wanted him to live, but I am so thankful that I got him for that one extra year. I know that this is such a negative and deadly disease, but with lots of love, the will to live, and prayer often, it doesn’t always win. Just because I lost my husband, doesn’t mean that HE lost. I know he is resting with the Lord now, and I will see him again one day.

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