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The Brain Tumor Experience

With the Brain Tumor Experience, patients and caregivers can obtain brain tumor coaching and information to help guide you through the experience of dealing with a brain tumor. Explore these webpages to learn more about the signs & symptoms, treatment options, caregiver advice, and other topics to discuss with your medical team.


Clinical Trial Finder

The purpose of a clinical trial is to determine the most effective and safest treatment for a disease. Clinical trial evaluation is a key step to translating research into new medicines that can provide better outcomes for patients. The NBTS Clinical Trial Finder is intended to help raise awareness and increase participation in clinical trials to facilitate brain tumor research and accelerate the development of new drugs and treatments for patients.

Brain Tumor Support Conversations 

Brain Tumor Support Conversations

The Brain Tumor Support Conversations are an online support group run by the brain tumor community for the brain tumor community. This group is attended and run by patients and care partners who have had firsthand experience with the challenges and effects of a brain tumor diagnosis.

Personalized Support and Navigation 

Personalized Support and Navigation

NBTS Patient Navigator is a medical professional who responds to outreach from brain tumor patients and care partners with quality, unbiased information, resources, support programs and services, and assists in meeting other brain tumor-related needs of patients and care partners.


Brain Tumor Facts

Today, an estimated 700,000 people in the United States are living with a primary brain tumor, and an estimated 78,980 more will be diagnosed in 2018. Brain tumors can be deadly, significantly impact quality of life, and change everything for a patient and their loved ones. They do not discriminate, inflicting men, women, and children of all races and ethnicities.

Latest news 

Latest News

Learn about our integrated programs in research, public policy and advocacy, read event highlights, and stay informed about other news relevant to the brain tumor community.