Current Research Initiatives

Our strategic initiatives and funded programs aim to improve the understanding of brain tumors to transform research findings into new and more effective treatments, as quickly as possible. To achieve these goals, NBTS invests in cutting edge research that spans from the bench to the bedside. NBTS’ Research Program builds on past discoveries funded by NBTS and helps to foster collaboration with leaders across academia, government, and the private sector to drive systemic change within all facets of the drug discovery and development landscape.

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    1. Defeat GBM Research Collaborative

      Initiated in 2014, the Defeat GBM Research Collaborative brings together researchers from top institutions to work together to improve the five-year survival rates of glioblastoma (GBM) patients. GBM is the deadliest form of brain cancer.

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    2. Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaborative

      Since 2018, researchers in NBTS’s Defeat Pediatric Brain Tumors Research Collaborative have sought to address the key barriers slowing pre-clinical research and investment in drug development, as well as identify treatment options which are safe and minimize long-term side effects on pediatric brain tumor patients.

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    3. Community Research Fund

      NBTS’ Community Research Fund program creates an opportunity for donors specifically interested in supporting research on a specific tumor-type of interest — ependymoma, meningioma, and/or oligodendroglioma — to join together to scale up the impact of their philanthropy. These programs seek to raise and grant funds specifically for tumor-type research that is poised to identify and advance treatments aimed at dramatically improving survival and quality of life.

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    4. Research Collaboration

      Within the world of research there are many leading organizations and experts, and we believe our collective contributions and scientific advancements will benefit the entire brain tumor community. As such, we empower researchers to bring new therapies to brain tumor patients through collaborations and partnerships with the National Brain Tumor Society.

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