Ependymoma Fund for Research and Education



Now operating as a fully-integrated, designated program of the National Brain Tumor Society, the Collaborative Ependymoma Research Network (CERN) Foundation is carrying forward its work through the NBTS platform to advance ependymoma research toward the development of new and better treatments for this rare brain and spinal cord tumor that impacts both adults and children.

The Ependymoma Fund for Research and Education is the flagship initiative that was created through this new structure, and creates a centralized landing place where all ependymoma stakeholders can join together and support research, advocacy, and patient education initiatives for this rare tumor.

To direct your gift to the Ependymoma Fund, go to our donation page and select “direct my gift” under the Gift Designation header. The drop-down menu will provide an option to support the Ependymoma Fund.

Donations to the Ependymoma Fund will be used to support research efforts that will benefit both ependymoma patients and research through CERN. Emphasis will be placed on CERN’s historical model of supporting work that translates basic science into clinical practice. The Fund will also address overcoming barriers to clinical trial accrual and the development of new clinical studies for ependymoma patients. Additional funds will be used to support educational efforts through print, media, and awareness events. The new collaborative Ependymoma Fund will continue CERN’s practice and tradition of involving and collaborating with other scientists, medical providers, foundations and supporters of ependymoma research.

About CERN Foundation

The CERN Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of those affected with ependymoma through community support and research efforts. Thanks to the efforts of an international network of collaborators, the CERN Foundation has been responsible for the publication of over 50 peer-reviewed papers in leading medical journals. This body of research has greatly advanced the understanding of ependymoma and has left a lasting legacy for future investigators to build upon. CERN strives to bring awareness to the rare disease and improve the outcome and care of patients through education, referral support, and supported research efforts. While joining with the National Brain Tumor Society to further enhance and codify a relationship that has been embraced by, and benefited, all stakeholders, CERN will retain its identity and independent website, while highlighting its position as a program with the full backing and support of NBTS’s infrastructure. Kim Wallgren will continue to lead this effort as the Executive Director of the CERN Foundation, a program of the National Brain Tumor Society. Learn more in the link on the right-hand side of the page.