Meningioma Research Fund


The Meningioma Research Fund in collaboration with the Brain Science Foundation

In support of our shared mission to conquer and cure brain tumors, National Brain Tumor Society (NBTS) and the Brain Science Foundation (BSF) have partnered to establish the Meningioma Research Fund.

With recent advances in scientific understanding about the different types of meningioma and what drives their growth, the time to act is now. NBTS and BSF recognize that we have an unprecedented opportunity to advance research toward new clinical trials with the potential to lead to new treatments and cures.

The goals of the Meningioma Research Fund are clear.

Speed research progress through medical research grants to leading institutions, following rigorous scientific strategy and peer review.

Educate and empower the meningioma community by delivering practical and timely information to patients and families about treatment options, key questions to ask their doctors, and updates on the latest research efforts.

To direct your gift to the Meningioma Fund, go to our donation page and select “direct my gift” under the Gift Designation header. The drop-down menu will provide an option to support the Meningioma Research Fund.

About the Brain Science Foundation

The Brain Science Foundation works to find a cure for primary brain tumors by advancing the understanding of brain function and patient care. The foundation supports cutting-edge research in all areas related to primary brain tumors, from developing and testing new treatments, epidemiological studies, improvements in patient care, and basic research.