Research Roundtable

Through its Research Roundtable program, NBTS provides a means for regular and meaningful dialogue among a broad stakeholder community, including government, academia, the pharmaceutical industry, patients, and patient advocates to address the complex issues and identify actionable solutions. The Research Roundtable is a mission-driven forum aimed at addressing current scientific, clinical, and regulatory needs, while promoting collaboration, appropriate information sharing, robust dialogue, and coalition building. It is critical that, together, we accelerate development of new treatments to achieve better outcomes for patients.

Through the Research Roundtable participants are able to tackle specific issues, from identification of obstacles and barriers related to possible solutions–with the overall goal of advancing brain tumor research.

Past Roundtable Topics:

  • June 2017 — Streamlining Clinical Trials to Accelerate Brain Tumor Drug Development
  • December 2017 — Improving Early Phase Clinical Trials to Accelerate Brain Tumor Drug Development
  • July 2018 — Opportunities for Repurposing Drugs for Brain Tumors
  • December 2018 — Leveraging the Power of I-O to Treat Primary Brain Tumors
  • December 2019 — Process and Evidence Requirements for Developing a New Brain Tumor Endpoint
  • July 2020 — Innovating Brain Tumor Clinical Trials: Building on Lessons Learned from COVID-19 Experience
  • December 2020 — Moving the Needle—Progress for Brain Tumor Clinical Trials
  • Research Roundtable Members: Agios, Bayer, Black Diamond Therapeutics, Bristol Myers Squibb, Edison Oncology Holding Corp., GT Medical Technologies, Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc., and Novocure