Amaya Miller (Glioma) Brain Tumor

Amaya Miller is my granddaughter, at the time she was enrolled in gymnastics. She is very talented in this particular sport. Everytime I would come and visit my grandchildren and daughter she would always say “Look granny”!! and she would immediately do a backbend or a split, or a front cardwill in front of me. I always cheered her with her natural skills. The children have a trampleine in the backyard and Amaya was and is very talented in this field of sport. It simply breaks my heart to know she can not continue at this time in her life to particpate at this time in her life because she really loves to tumble. Just like the African American Olympic Gold Metalist , I truly believe in my heart that my granddaughter Amaya would be the next upcoming youth gold metalist is she didn’t have this (Glioma) tumor on her Brain.

I love you, Amaya,