Stephanie Always Remaining Positive

In late April 2018 my right foot started feeling numb, tingly and weird. Slowly this started progressing up my right side. A few days before Mother’s Day it started getting worse and I had a doctor’s app the next day so I was going to mention it to doctor and I mentioned it to my family. I went to the app and the doc mentioned MS. That was the first I heard of that because I figured I had pulled a muscle or something like that. She scheduled a MRI and said if I needed to go to the ER, well I did about 3 days later because my whole right side felt like it was om fire. They did an MRI and the ER doc came back saying I had MS. This is when I find out my right peripheral vision is being affected as well.

A few days later I had an app with a neurologist and asked for a second opinion, which he had already thought of and said they needed to do a lumbar puncture because of where my tumor is located they aren’t able to remove it. The neurologist tells me days later that everything is benign so I think everything will be ok. The lumbar puncture doesn’t give them all the results so they decide to do the brain biopsy. On top of all this I find out I have diabetes from the steroids and I guess I was boarder line anyway. They finally discover and conclude that I have cancer and set a course of treatment. I’m determined not to let this get me down and fight the whole way!