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How to Get Involved

During Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we support and advocate for our most vulnerable brain tumor patients – children – and their families as they confront the challenges of living with this disease. With such limited progress made in treating pediatric brain tumors, we know the time to act is now. On this page you will find resources that you can use to take action and share online throughout Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Your voice and action is vital to help spread awareness of the urgency and critical needs of the pediatric brain tumor community and create change that will last a lifetime.

Become an Advocate for Medical Research

Pediatric brain tumor patients need more — more research, more treatments, and more time. As the largest funder of brain tumor research in the world, the federal government is a key stakeholder in understanding pediatric brain tumors and conducting research that will lead to treatments. Advocate now by asking your members of Congress to increase research funding so that we can continue to crack the code on pediatric brain tumors and create change that will last a lifetime.

Join the Conversation

We encourage you to get involved, take action, and create change for pediatric brain tumor patients. We’ll be sharing stories, facts and information, and additional content to help spread awareness and unite our community throughout Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. We encourage you to post and share liberally across all of your individual/organizational social media accounts. Sharing content online for #CCAM will:

  • Increase the reach and power of our advocacy;
  • Help educate and engage the public; and
  • Raise resources needed to create change and accelerate the development of new, more effective treatments for pediatric brain tumor patients.

NBTS Accounts

Facebook: @braintumors
Twitter: @NBTStweets
Instagram: @natlbraintumorsociety

Social Media Messaging Toolkit

We’ve put together the toolkit below to help provide you with all of the resources you need to engage, participate, and spread awareness during #CCAM on social media. The most important way you can join the conversation during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, is to use the month’s official hashtag: #CCAM. Our NBTS social media team will be online and looking to retweet and share your posts!

Shareable Graphics


The facts and figures speak for themselves. The latest Childhood Cancer Awareness Month infographic has everything you need to know about pediatric brain tumors on one page. Post it, download it, print it, and help spread the word.

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Test Your Knowledge

The first step in taking action and creating change is to ensure you know the realities of pediatric brain tumors, the urgent medical needs of patients, and the opportunities to make progress toward better treatments and a cure. Take this quick “quiz” to see how much you already know (and learn what you might not know) about pediatric brain tumors.

Ways to Support


Register for a regional event today, and experience the power of communities coming together to conquer and cure brain tumors – once and for all.


Put the fun in fundraising from the comfort of your own home.


Join a loyal group of donors who give monthly in support of our mission.