I am living with GBM

Karen Turner has lived nearly eight years with glioblastoma. Still every four months she returns to her doctor for a brain scan, and each appointment brings uncertainty and a rush of feelings not dissimilar to her original diagnosis. “It does not end with the last chemo treatment,” Karen says. “Because GBM is always lurking around the corner.”

I am fueling change in GBM

Faramarz Yousefzadeh’s family was devastated when his wife, Afsaneh, was diagnosed with glioblastoma in January 2011. Yet, he chose to turn his pain into purpose, and use his knowledge and experience in the drug development industry to fight back against the disease that took so much from him.

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Learn more about the GBM Awareness Day Telethon

Virtual GBM Awareness Day

Every day, a doctor walks into an exam room and tells a patient that they have been diagnosed with glioblastoma (GBM). A patient learns that GBM is the most common, complex, treatment-resistant, and deadliest type of brain tumor. National Brain Tumor Society and the annual #GBMDay works to change that conversation. We seek to honor and remember, as well as to take action to help others currently facing glioblastoma, and all who may be impacted in the future.

What is GBM Awareness Day?

On July 22nd, the brain tumor community joined together for the second annual Glioblastoma Awareness Day (#GBMDay) to raise the national consciousness about everyone’s stake in finding a cure. Join us to honor GBM patients, families, and caregivers, learn more about this disease, and take action to accelerate progress and cures for GBM.


In the face of a GBM diagnosis, families rely on love, hope, and the promise that research is advancing toward a cure. Our #GBMDay webpage shares the stories of a number of patients, families, caregivers, and loved ones who have faced GBM. Every patient and family is different, each with their own journey. If you’re willing and able, please take a moment and share your story about how GBM has impacted you.


Glioblastoma is a disease that all Americans should care about. It can strike men, women, and children of any age, background, and walk of life. It does not discriminate on gender, socioeconomic status, region, age, or political party. On #GBMDay, we will feature a live Town Hall with leading experts and a patient perspective. We also invite you to learn more about this disease, and how NBTS is leading the charge to bring new treatments to patients faster.


We all can do something to accelerate progress and cures for GBM. On #GBMDay there is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and take action. From sharing messages on social media to emailing your member of Congress, collectively, our impact is amplified. By taking action, you can help to raise awareness of the urgent, unmet needs of the GBM community.

Ways to Support


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