Frequently Asked Questions

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When is the registration deadline?

Registration to participate in Head to the Hill 2022 will close on Friday, April 8th. Please email with any questions.

Do all members of my family need to register?

Yes, anyone planning on participating in congressional meetings must register separately. Congressional offices require a list of everyone attending, and we will also need to make sure everyone has individually completed training in order to schedule them into the meeting. Finally, you must register individually and complete all of the trainings to each receive a t-shirt. NOTE: Each advocate must register with a unique email address. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at


What is the Head to the Hill schedule?

Friday, April 8 Head to the Hill registration closes
Tuesday, April 19 Online Head to the Hill training available
Thursday, April 29 All trainings must be completed for virtual meetings to be scheduled
Sunday, May 1 Race for Hope DC and CERN Butterfly Release
Monday, May 2 Live Head to the Hill training
Tuesday, May 3 Head to the Hill congressional meetings
Tuesday, May 3 Head to the Hill wrap-up


What topics will be covered in the Head to the Hill online trainings?

Our online training program will cover many of the same topics we discuss during our in-person Head to the Hill trainings each year. Topics will include, but may not be limited to:

  • Advocacy basics
  • Social media tips
  • How to share your story with Congress
  • Advocating for medical research funding

How long are the online trainings?

Each training will be 5-15 minutes long. You may start a training and finish it later. You do not have to take all of the trainings at once.

We will require that advocates complete all the trainings before we schedule your meetings with members of Congress and their staff.

How will I access the online trainings?

We use an online program called “Litmos” for the trainings. All registered participants will receive an email with login information when training opens on April 19.

What is the live training?

On May 2, we will provide a live virtual training that will include additional details on our legislative asks, information on how the virtual meetings will be conducted, updates on how our advocacy work from past years has impacted the brain tumor community, and more. Advocates will need to participate in the live virtual training to join their congressional meetings the following day.

Head to the Hill Congressional Meetings

When will the congressional meetings take place?

Your meetings will be scheduled throughout the day on Tuesday, May 3. All meetings will take place virtually. The exact time of your meetings will not be confirmed until the week prior to Head to the Hill.

How will I meet with my members of Congress or their staff?

All meetings will take place virtually. Instructions to join your virtual meetings will be sent by Soapbox Consulting, our scheduling partner, in the week before Head to the Hill.

Who can attend Head to the Hill meetings?

Anyone who registers for Head to the Hill and completes all of the trainings before the deadline will be welcome to attend their Head to the Hill meetings.

Will other advocates attend the meetings with me?

Everyone will have at least one other person in the meeting with them. You’ll be joined by other people from their state, NBTS staff, and advocacy professionals who will be able to help navigate the meetings.

How will I prepare with other advocates?

You will have time before your meetings to meet in your state groups to prepare for your meetings. For larger states, you will meet with other advocates in your congressional district group. If desired, you can also specify during registration that you would like to get a call from an Advocate Mentor who can help answer any questions you might have.

What will my meeting schedule be?

Your meeting schedule is dependent on when your congressional offices are available to meet. Unfortunately, it can be hard to predict your exact meeting times until a few days before the event. However, we can say that nearly every meeting will take place on Tuesday, May 3, between 9 am and 5 pm Eastern time.

Do I need to schedule the whole day off from work?

You will likely have 3-5 congressional meetings that will be about 30 minutes long. You can expect all of your meetings to take no more than two and a half hours during the day. However, the exact time of your meetings will not be confirmed until the week prior to Head to the Hill and are subject to change.

I’m not able to commit to the whole day. Should I still register?

Yes! We would encourage you to register and complete your trainings if you expect that you may be able to join for a portion of the day. Your voice is important, and we want you to contribute it whenever you are able.

I’m not available to attend on Tuesday, May 3. Is there another way to participate?

Yes! We will have a virtual action alert available to help you send a message to your legislators encouraging them to support the needs of the brain tumor community. We’ll also have a second opportunity for meeting with your legislators in August, when we hold our annual in-district meetings with members of Congress.