In-District Meeting Toolkit

As a brain tumor advocate, you know the importance of contacting your members of Congress about the needs of the brain tumor community. From funding brain tumor research to enhancing resources for childhood cancer survivors, decisions made by our elected officials have an impact on the brain tumor community. Throughout the year, we ask you to call or email your representatives to educate them and ask for their support. Our collective voices make a difference!

It’s time to build on that momentum by meeting with your members of Congress when they are working in your district OR by meeting with their local staff any time. This toolkit will walk you through the steps of scheduling the meeting, recruiting others to attend with you, and educating yourself on our legislative agenda.

In addition to reviewing the materials below, please view this web training to further prepare you for your meetings.

Follow the steps below and let your members of Congress know how they can take action to support brain tumor patients and families in their district and state.

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Learn the Issues

Please view the 2020 Legislative Agenda for an overview of all of the issues we are prioritizing this year. LEARN MORE >


Scheduling Meetings

The first step is to call your elected officials’ district offices to schedule your meetings. Here is a step-by-step guide to setting up your meetings. LEARN MORE >


Planning and Preparation are the Keys to Success

If you plan on attending with friends, family, or other advocates in the area, talk together to create your plan. LEARN MORE >


Tips for a Successful Meeting

The best way to start the meeting is to thank the staff member or member of Congress for their time. Let them know you’re advocates with the National Brain Tumor Society, introduce yourselves and tell them where in the district you live. LEARN MORE >


Telling Your Story

The most important thing you can do during your meeting is to share your connection to brain tumors. Telling your story of how you are connected to brain tumors can be an emotional experience. LEARN MORE >

Unable to Schedule an In-District Meeting During August Recess?

If a meeting time isn’t available with your member of Congress or a staff member, you can stop by their district office during regular business hours to drop off information on the policy matters affecting the brain tumor community. LEARN MORE >

Relationship Building Tips

While you’re at the local office of your Representative/Senator, ask for the business card of the staff person with whom you met, or if you dropped off information, who handles constituent requests related to health care. LEARN MORE >

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