Public Policy Agenda

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Through our policy agenda we are advancing brain tumor research, facilitating the development of treatments, and fighting for a better quality of life for patients.

2021 Public Policy Agenda

National Brain Tumor Society’s 2021 Public Policy Agenda outlines NBTS’s legislative and regulatory priorities and propels the vision of our organization: to conquer and cure brain tumors – once and for all.

The 2021 Public Policy Agenda calls on Congress and the Biden Administration to take action in five key areas:

  • Increase Funding for Medical Research and Treatment Development
  • Expand Access to Care
  • Improve Quality of Life
  • Address Drug Pricing/Drug Shortages
  • Increase Awareness of the Urgent, Unmet Needs of the Brain Tumor Community

Read the full 2021 Public Policy Agenda.

The annual NBTS Public Policy Agenda is important because Congress and the Executive Branch, together with nonprofit organizations and industry, play a critical role in confronting brain tumors and finding a cure.

NBTS is encouraged by policymakers’ consistent, bipartisan commitment to advancing policies that raise public awareness about brain tumors and advance brain tumor research and treatment development.

Now, we urge Congress and the Biden Administration to build on that commitment by pursuing the components of our 2021 Public Policy Agenda: investing in research, laying the foundation to develop new and innovative treatments and improving health care and quality of life for brain tumor patients and their families.