Policy Agenda

Through our policy agenda we are advancing brain tumor research, facilitating the development of treatments, and fighting for a better quality of life for patients.

  1. Legislative Agenda

    National Brain Tumor Society’s 2019 Legislative Agenda supports the vision of our organization: to conquer and cure brain tumors – once and for all.

    The 115th Congress brought positive change, including the passage of the Childhood Cancer STAR Act and a continued commitment to funding medical research. Moving forward, it is imperative that Congress continue its commitment to progress for the brain tumor community. More than 78,000 people received a primary brain tumor diagnosis in 2018, and for those whose diagnosis was a malignant tumor, the survival rate is less than 34%. There are more than 130 different types of primary brain tumors, as well as metastatic brain cancers, and too few significant advances have been made in treating this collection of diseases. The 2018 Annual Report to the Nation on the state of cancer from the National Cancer Institute states that although death rates decreased for many types of cancer, they increased for brain cancer in men and women. In addition, pediatric brain tumors continue to be the leading cause of cancer death in children.

    Therefore, as the 116th Congress begins, the National Brain Tumor Society urges Congress to change the status quo by passing legislation that helps develop treatments and improve health care for brain tumor patients and their families. Read more