Brain Tumor Treatment

After Brain Tumor Treatment

Now that treatment has concluded, you need to learn to live your new normal. You may be dealing with ongoing physical and neurological symptoms, but you are alive and hungry to continue living your life. As with any point in the brain tumor experience, there are many issues and considerations to take into account in order to make your quality of life manageable and positive.

Managing Consequences of Treatment

For some people, recovery may be complete after a few weeks or months; for others, you may have to learn to adjust and manage permanent changes in your life including not being able to work or accomplish all of the tasks you did before.


Support Resources

Support groups are a great way to help patients and caregivers not feel so alone throughout their experience with a brain tumor.


Key Questions

It is critical that brain tumor patients, caregivers, and medical providers know which crucial questions and health care issues need to be addressed from the time of diagnosis and throughout the entire brain tumor experience.