Before Brain Tumor Surgery

Before Brain Tumor Surgery Questions

Now that you’ve elected for surgery, you probably have so many questions.


Brain tumor surgery is a critical first step in many patient treatment plans. Yet, most people don’t know about surgery options, types of surgery, which parts of your medical team will be performing surgery, and many other issues that you need to understand fully before making your treatment decisions.

Questions About Your Brain Tumor Surgery

  • How many surgeries have you performed on people with this tumor type and/or location?
  • How will you protect against damage to the brain?
  • Will I be awake during surgery?
  • How will tumor location affect my outcome and your strategy?
  • What are the risks and benefits of surgery for me?
  • Will I experience different symptoms or cognitive problems after surgery?
  • Where and how big will the incision be? Will you have to shave my head?
  • How long will I be hospitalized after surgery?
  • Can I have a sample of my tumor tissue frozen, so I can be a candidate for a vaccine in the future and have genetic tests?
  • Who will be involved with care for my recovery? How long?

Download our Questions to Ask Your Doctor to bring to your appointment.