Brain Tumor Survivorship

brain tumor questions

  Download Key Questions for Brain Tumor Survivorship (PDF)

Your brain tumor experience has brought you to this extremely positive and happy milestone on the path to recovery. You can now call yourself a Brain Tumor Survivor. Obviously, your family, caregivers, friends and everyone on your medical team is inspired by you and the defeat of your particular brain tumor.


Navigating survivorship is now your most critical goal, as there are many considerations and questions to deal with.

Survivorship Key Questions:

  • What is my plan for long-term follow-up care and appointments?
  • How will my quality of life and palliative care be addressed at this point?
  • What are long-term side effects I could experience?
  • When will I be able to return to work? Will I need any accommodations? Do you have any information for my employer/HR team that will help them support me at work?
  • Will I need to navigate long-term Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and who can help me do that?
  • Is there a social worker on staff that can provide guidance and assistance?
  • Can I drive or will I be able to drive eventually? What do I need to do to be cleared to drive again? Can you recommend any local transportation assistance programs?
  • Can you suggest support groups, financial assistance services, and/or a cancer resource center in the area for myself and my caregiver?
  • Where can I, my caregiver and family find mental health support services?