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Community Event Website Request Form

If you’re looking to have an NBTS website or donations page created, please complete the below form. Once you submit, our Community Events team will review your responses, contact you with questions if they arise, and create your page within two weeks of receiving a completed online website request form.

After your page is created, you will be alerted and your unique URL will be sent via email to the address you provided. If a question below is required but doesn’t apply to your event, please simply put N/A in that question.

Please note that this form will not save electronically, so please save all responses in a separate Word document as you craft your event website’s details. If you have not connected with Community Events about your event, please do so by contacting us at or 617-658-7034.

Event Organizer Information

Organizer Name(Required)
Event Organizer Shirt Size(Required)


Event Information

MM slash DD slash YYYY
Event Start Time(Required)
Event End Time(Required)
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Registration Close Time(Required)
Event Type(Required)

Venue Address
Please provide your best guess for your event’s fundraising goal. There is no harm in making a prediction, as the National Brian Tumor Society doesn’t hold you to that specific fundraising amount.
Select Your page type:(Required)
Please remember, all donations made to a National Brain Tumor Society website through the Classy platform are immediately credited to the organization's bank accounts, and funds cannot be cut back to event organizers for expenses.


Ticket/Registration Price Details

Complete this section if you are requesting a Ticketed Event Site or Registration with Fundraising Site types
Please also indicate if you will be increasing your prices as your event nears. If so, make sure to include the date ranges associated with the varying price points. Also, Indicate the date you’d like to stop registration/ticket sales – we recommend 24 hours prior to the event to allow you to pull the registration lists.
This is the cost per person to attend the event. (i.e. T-shirts, food, beverages, activity. If applicable, this will determine the deductible amount per ticket or registration sold.)
This will appear on your event’s homepage Please include: What the event is, when and where the event is, why you’re hosting the event/who inspired you to host the event, event start and detailed timeline, how much the event costs to participants, what participants get for their ticket/registration, what participants should expect, parking/directions, other important items the participants should know, etc.
Please upload banners or photos you’d like to possibly be included on your event page.
Max. file size: 50 MB.


Terms and Conditions

Please accept the Terms and Conditions:(Required)
By checking the below box and electronically signing your name on this online website request form, you and any other individuals involved in the planning of your event are consenting and agreeing to the National Brain Tumor Society’s Terms and Conditions.
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