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Check Out Our New PSA for Brain Tumor Awareness!

Published on October 2, 2013 in Take Action

We are very fortunate that Bob Crawford, bassist for the popular music group The Avett Brothers, agreed to be the star of our new PSA for brain tumor awareness.

It came together very serendipitously, actually. One of our most active and engaged community members and fundraisers, Brock Greene – the father of two sons both suffering from brain tumors – became a fan of the Avett’s a few year’s back after his sister saw the band at Merle Fest in 2003 and turned him on to the music. When Bob’s daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor, Brock saw an interview and was inspired after hearing Bob say, “It’s not just us, there are thousands of families living with brain tumors and what they go through every day is unimaginable.” Brock knew that Bob would be a great person to help generate more awareness for this disease.

So he took a shot and reached out to the Avett’s management. The response was immediate—in just a few hours he heard back that the band’s reaction was, “We can record a PSA this week.”

With the support of Republic Records and DMS Productions a PSA was shot and edited pro bono. This PSA is the result of the inspiration of two fathers who have children affected by brain tumors and an enormous amount of goodwill from people who responded to their story.  While a lot of blood, sweat, and tears went into this PSA, not a single dollar changed hand.

So thanks to Brock, Republic Records DMS Productions, and especially Mr. Crawford for uniting in the fight against brain tumors!

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