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My Mom’s Story

Published on October 27, 2015 in Share Your Story

My Mom’s Story


My mother was diagnosed with a GBM…Before she found out she had symptoms of her right side becoming weaker. She was forgetting things and she new something was wrong. When she finally went to the emergency because she wasn’t able to function normally, they misdiagnosed her. They said she had a stroke. Due to that, when she found out it was GBM, she was losing her ability to walk and talk. She had the surgery which helped with the tumor. Though she was not able to walk, move her right side, and her speech had worsen. We were lucky to still have her. After her radiation, we were told the tumor was still small. They put her on chemo pills and when she did her last MRI the tumor tripled in sized and they found 2 more. After that her time went by fast. She was diagnosed in November and passed away in September. She was a loving wife, mother, grandmother, and sister and will forever be missed.

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