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My Brain Tumor Story

Published on August 12, 2014 in Share Your Story

My Brain Tumor Story


It all happened in February of 2008. I was having symptoms and was ignoring them. Then my dad and aunt that I live with made me go to the doctor after I grayed out and fell in the shower. I went to our local hospital and had an MRI. Immediately after the MRI, I vomited. They looked at my MRI results and saw a 3 inch brain tumor on the left side of my head. It was the middle of winter and there was a snowstorm that night so they weren’t sure whether they were going to fly me to university hospital of Cleveland or take me by ambulance. The ambulance and the life flight got to the hospital at the same time. so they took me by life flight. I had 6-8 hours of surgery while i was awake so the could tell what parts of my brain where affected and they got most of the tumor (glioblastoma multiforme) out. After radiation and chemo, three years later they said the signs of the tumor are non existent. Praise GOD that I have stayed on this earth to help HIM do his work.

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