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My return to life

Published on July 1, 2018 in Share Your Story

I thought I had an ear infection, however, it eneded up being a tumor that was pushing my brain stem and needed to be removed beforeit was too late.
I thought that I would have the surgery in December 2011, rest January 2012 and go back to work in January 2012. I was wrong,, I went back to work in December 2015.
I had to re-learn to walk, talk, write, eat, etc. However, I don’t see this as a tragedy, but as a blessing. My wife kicked me out of the house, my friends forgot about me, I lost almost all my savings, however things are becoming brighter now.

Yes, it’s a big deal and it might seem that is a punishment, however, after brain surgery, one learns to appreciate life and see things differently. I would like to share my story with people that had or is about to have brain surgery to show them that thee is a light at the end and never give up.
I am re-learning to ride a bike now and hopefully soon will be driving again.

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