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Community Events

Plan Your Own Community Event or Start a Fundraising Initiative

Whether you are celebrating a survivor, paying tribute to a family member or friend, or wanting to get everyone together for a fun time, all community fundraising efforts have a significant impact in supporting the National Brain Tumor Society’s research, advocacy, and awareness efforts.

A community fundraising event is when an individual decides to take on the logistics and planning of an event or fundraising effort to benefit NBTS, such as a 5k, bike ride, softball tournament, party, selling a craft, or asking for donations for NBTS in lieu of birthday or holiday gifts.

We have events and fundraising efforts of all sizes and types, so let’s get started on figuring out which is the best fit for you!

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Steps to host your Community Event

  • Contact our Community Events team to talk through your event and the resources NBTS can provide or 617-658-7034.
  • Pick your event type, date, venue, admission price and general fundraising goal
  • Create a NBTS donation page or contact us for a NBTS ticketed event page
  • Organize a committee of family/friends to help
  • Prepare a budget, create a timeline, and reach out to potential sponsors
  • Carry out the logistics and marketing for your event
  • Thank your donors, participants, and supporters!

“The best part about organizing our event is that I get to meet new people and families each year. I usually don’t have the answers to the struggle our survivors or loved ones are facing, but I can offer support.”
Adrienne Wilk,
Bob Bard 5k Community Organizer – started in 2011

What kind of support can I expect from the National Brain Tumor Society?

  • Staff support: Our Community Events staff are an email or call away to review your event, share key resources, and provide additional ideas to make sure your event is a success! Contact or 617-658-7034 for more information.
  • Website: Whether you’re looking to set up a NBTS donation page or a ticketed event page, the National Brain Tumor Society has a fundraising page to fit your needs!
  • Materials: Request materials for your event such as a disposable banner, information on brain tumors, and more.
  • Event Toolkit: We’ve created a toolkit of templates and event resources to help support you in hosting your event. Reach out to to obtain access to the toolkit.
  • Community Events Calendar: We’re proud of our community events that support our mission. Submit the List Your Event Form to have your event included in our list of upcoming events.

What am I responsible for when I plan my fundraiser?

*Please reference the Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions for more information.

What you should know as a Community Organizer

Your Event’s Connection to NBTS: When planning your event, the National Brain Tumor Society should be listed as the beneficiary to your event with the language “to benefit” or “to support” the National Brain Tumor Society.

Expenses Related to the Event: All expenses incurred will be the individual’s responsibility. The National Brain Tumor Society cannot open bank accounts to support events.

Logo & Brand Usage: While we encourage you to use the National Brian Tumor Society logo in connection with your fundraising effort, we ask that you don’t stretch or distort the organization’s logo. Please see the Community Fundraising Terms and Conditions for more.

Submitting Donations or Event Proceeds: Direct donors to your personal NBTS online fundraising or event page. This is the fastest and easiest way for donations to be connected with your fundraising efforts.

Additional ways to collect and submit check or cash donations:

  • Option 1 – Community Organizers Collect Checks: 
    Community organizers can collect donors’ checks made payable to National Brain Tumor Society and send them directly to the NBTS, Attn: Community Events. Such donations will be processed and acknowledged by the National Brain Tumor Society under the organization’s tax identification number. Please include a note with the checks designating which event or fundraising effort the donations are for.
  • Option 2 – Donors Mail Check Directly: 
    Event donors can mail checks directly to the National Brain Tumor Society, Attn: Community Events. Donors must record the event name on the check memo line.
  • Option 3 – Community Organizers Receive Cash or Checks Made Out to Them Personally: 
    If a community organizer receives cash or a check made out to them personally, the individual can deposit the checks or cash, and then send a check made out to the National Brain Tumor Society for the deposited amount or make an online donation to his/her event page for the deposited amount. If the community organizer submits donations this way, only the community organizer will receive acknowledgement from the National Brain Tumor Society. The community organizer is responsible for following IRS guidelines for tax deductible donations.