After Brain Tumor Treatment

brain tumor questions

Now that your treatment has concluded you will most likely have very immediate questions about your next steps and the status of your impending brain tumor recovery.

Some major decisions will be weighing on you, such as your work status, over-arching health, potential lingering side effects or something as simple as driving your car to the drug store down the street. The following questions provide a template for what you should ask your medical and surgical teams.

Questions to ask after treatment

  • What is the likelihood that my tumor will recur? What factors contribute toward that?
  • What happens if my tumor does recur? What symptoms should I be mindful of?
  • Will I have long-term side effects or permanent disability from my brain tumor or treatment? If so, can you help me create a management plan?
  • What are the side effects of my long-term medication (steroids, seizure medications)?
  • What are the side effects of my short-term medication and treatments (chemotherapy, radiation)?
  • Will my sense of taste return?
  • Will my hair grow back?
  • Are there any vitamins or nutritional recommendations you suggest to improve my quality of life and general health?
  • Do I need physical, speech or occupational therapy?
  • How often will I need MRI’s?
  • How often should I plan to return for checkups?
  • Do you think I will be able to go back to work? If so, when?
  • Will I need any accommodations to return to work?
  • Do you have any information for my employer/HR team that will help them support me at work?
  • If I can’t return to work, what do I need from you to apply for long-term disability?
  • Can I drive? Will I be able to drive eventually?
  • If so, what do I need to do to be cleared to drive again?
  • If not, can you recommend any local transportation assistance programs?
  • Do you know of support groups in the area I can attend?
  • Do you know of organizations in the area who can help me financially?
  • What is the contact information for my long-term care team?
  • What should my care partner and loved ones expect?
  • Where does my care partner go for support?

Download our Questions to Ask Your Doctor to bring to your appointment.


If after discussing your returning to diving with your doctor, you cannot drive, ask about recommendations for transportation assistance. Often, cities will have discounted transportation passes for people with disabilities.