Brain Tumor Treatment

During Brain Tumor Treatment

Now, you are on the path to potential recovery and remission. You have selected your customized treatment approach and you are fighting hard to defeat your brain tumor. After any surgery or cancer treatment, it is not unusual to initially feel worse than you did before. Though this is temporary, it can be depressing. Side-effects such as swelling, nausea, disorientation and other issues after an operation and during treatment can occur, and it might take some time before you feel the benefit of having your tumor removed.

during brain tumor treatment

Managing Side-Effects

Not everyone experiences the same side-effects, but this information is here to help if you experience any of these more common problems. You can keep notes about how you feel and work closely with your doctors and nurses to find the best ways to feel better. LEARN MORE >

during brain tumor treatment

Palliative Care

Palliative care maximizes quality (as well as quantity) of life for the patient and those who care for them—not just at the end of life but throughout the course of disease. LEARN MORE>

during brain tumor treatment

Questions to Ask During Treatment

Talk openly and honestly with your medical team. It may seem difficult, but it will help you get better care. LEARN MORE >