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One Person Who Inspires Us This Month: Dr. Lauren Farber – A Tribute

Published on December 2, 2013 in Events, Fundraising, In the Community, Legislative Issues, Volunteering

Guest Author: National Brain Tumor Society

Dr. Lauren Farber was one of those special types of people; the type who could exude both toughness and strength, just as easily as warmth and compassion.

Lauren Farber at the 2013 Boston Brain Tumor Ride

Lauren had already dedicated her life to helping sick children as a practicing pediatrician and Partner at the Holliston (Mass.) Pediatric Group, when she was diagnosed with a glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).

Despite the devastating prognosis and long odds against her, Lauren fought valiantly and defied the statistics to become a four-year survivor of GBM. Sadly, Lauren’s courageous battle came to end on November 18, 2013.

However, Lauren leaves behind a legacy as a passionate supporter for brain tumor patients everywhere, one that won’t soon be forgotten. While boldly fighting her own illness through rounds of chemotherapy, radiation, and clinical trials, Lauren dedicated her last four years to helping others.

Lauren became one of the National Brain Tumor Society’s leading advocates in Massachusetts, working with our Public Policy team to make sure Congress heard the voice of brain tumor patients and survivors. Lauren sent countless letters and emails to lawmakers, and was a participant in one of our first Head to the Hill lobby days.  And because, in her words, the treatments she had received, “kept me around for my family, for the patients I see, and for my fight to find a cure,” Lauren this past year spoke out against the potential effects Sequestration could have on brain tumor research and clinical trials on NPR radio.

On top of her advocacy efforts, Lauren also became one the perennial top fundraisers for the annual Boston Brain Tumor Ride.  After she began participating as a team captain in 2010, Team Lauren raised more than $133,000 to advance brain tumor research. Lauren, herself, raised more than $72,000 of the total.

Perhaps most astounding, yet representative of her tremendous character, Lauren kept seeing her patients almost all the way till the end.

Lauren has impacted so many lives both inside and outside of the brain tumor community. She was a tireless advocate and fundraiser for the brain tumor cause, as well as a beloved doctor, mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend. She will certainly be missed and always remembered by many, including all of us here at the National Brain Tumor Society.

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