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Walk. Donate. Inspire.

Published on February 8, 2016 in Events, Fundraising, In the Community, Take Action

How attending NBTS events provides more than fundraising

Dr. Anders Persson, PhD, has been involved in the neuro-oncolgy field since 2003. His work has been funded by NBTS and has been instrumental in the study of gliomas. Did you wonder where his inspiration to carry on his work comes from? It was from interacting with members of the brain tumor community at local fundraising events.

Dr. Persson’s, who is a grantee of NBTS’ Oligodendroglioma Research Fund, began to address his work with renewed vigor after attending an NBTS-hosted meeting with patients and caregivers. Then, a year a later, he participated in his first brain tumor fundraising event: the Bay Area Brain Tumor Walk.

There  was especially one touching story from a mother that had to run ahead of us because she needed to take a flight to another city because her son was getting chemo that same day.

Attribution: Dr. Persson

The experience became one he shared with other researchers and they began to attend brain tumor fundraising events as well, getting a chance to meet the community that they work on behalf of, but rarely get to see in this light. Inspired by your stories, they have faces to put toward their research. When you attend a brain tumor fundraising event, you’re not just helping to raise money and profile to the disease, you’re supporting the researchers looking for a cure.

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