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Advice Column, July 2018: What Should You Know About Brain Tumor Clinical Trials?

Published on July 10, 2018 in Brain Tumor Information, Clinical Trials

brain tumor clinical trials

National Brain Tumor Society recently announced the launch of a new patient and care-partner education, empowerment, and preparedness effort. The new initiative will provide the resources, information, tools, and guidance brain tumor patients and their care-partners need to play a more active role in their treatment planning and decision-making.

As part of the broader effort to inform and empower patients to partner more closely with their medical teams and play a proactive role in their treatment pathways, we’ve started a series of ongoing “advice” blogs.

In our last Advice Column, we examined how to explore experimental treatment options – sometimes also referred to as “novel” and/or “investigational” treatments. Today, we look specifically at one of the avenues of experimental treatment options: clinical trials. 

Brain Tumor clinical trials have been in the news recently, and whenever National Brain Tumor Society posts the latest information, we receive numerous requests on how to find clinical trials, and how one goes about signing up for one.  National Brain Tumor Society has created this video to explain the top five things you should know about brain tumor clinical trials:

Finally, if you have more questions about your brain tumor and available treatments, we encourage you to look at our Brain Tumor Experience pages for more resources that cover topics from diagnosis to survivorship.

The above content is intended as broad suggestions for topics and issues to discuss with your medical team. National Brain Tumor Society is not a medical provider and therefore cannot endorse any individual treatments or make specific medical recommendations for patients. Your ultimate treatment decisions should always be made in full consultation with licensed medical providers, preferably at high-volume medical centers that have specialists with deep experience and knowledge in treating brain tumor patients.

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