Brain Tumor Awareness Month

It’s Your Fight, It’s OUR Fight

May 2015’s Brain Tumor Awareness Month was memorable! All month long, we worked alongside you to spread awareness about brain tumor facts, share your knowledge, and help raise the call for new research and better treatments.

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We participated in the #BTSM Tweet chat on Sunday, May 3. The theme was Brain Tumor Awareness Month. Our Digital Communications Manager, Steven LaFond provided useful links to resources, answered questions, and detailed the ways people can get involved in not just in May, but year round. The #BTSM chats are run BY members of the brain tumor community and they’re a great resource for the newly diagnosed, people in remote areas, as well as the rest of us.

Share Our Infosnaps and show your support for the cause. 

BTAM-Infosnaps_R1_2-700K-living-FACT BTAM-Infosnaps_R1_3-69K-diagnosed-FACT BTAM-Infosnaps_R1_5-Be-Informed-BTAM BTAM Infosnaps_R1_6 GBM Fact BTAM Infosnaps_R1_4 Frankly BTAM BTAM Infosnaps_R1_7 Together More Powerful BTAM


Throughout the month of May, we will be released Infosnaps with brain tumor facts that you can share on social media, as well as links to information and resources.


#It’sYOURfight: What I Know Now


What information were you looking for when you or a loved one was diagnosed? What answers did you get from your medical professionals and support team you can share?

Bring your unique perspective and expertise to our two-week online Brain Tumor Awareness Month campaign, #ItsYOURfight. During the final two weeks in May, we will feature your tips, advice, and what you know about brain tumors or supporting someone you love who has a brain tumor. While this happened officially during the last two weeks of the month, the hashtag caught on and we will keep it going through the summer.

You can participate by tweeting using the #ItsYOURfight hashtag, or submitting your entry directly through this page.

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