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National Brain Tumor Ride

The National Brain Tumor Ride community will come together on May 15, 2022, to raise awareness and funds to support the needs of brain tumor patients and their families.

Your community is here. Let us discover a cure, together.

Highest Earning Teams
Rank Team Name Amount Earned
1 Lisa’s Riders $65,111.86
2 Team Mawn $33,464.49
3 Team Coffman $32,172.57
4 Team Double-O-Snow $17,633.42
5 Bike for Ike $16,258.92
6 Allie’s Team $15,025.87
7 Team Starr $14,955.02
8 Forking Fighters $14,396.34
9 B.J.s Team $13,513.98
10 Team Monst $11,910.08
Highest Earning Participants
Rank Participant Name Amount Earned
1 Billy Coffman $31,522.57
2 Lisa Shapiro $24,217.74
3 Melissa Ludtke $12,221.85
4 Daniel Kelly $11,083.67
5 Margaret Kelly $9,535.87
6 Richard Mines $8,852.34
7 Bill Clarke $8,565.17
8 Doran Robinson $8,450.25
9 Michael Corkin $8,425.39
10 Sandy Starr $7,990.00

Peloton Rides

Our Ride Committee will be hosting weekly Peloton rides!

Upcoming Peloton Rides:

  • Wednesdays at 5 pm ET
  • To join you can follow Jodie (bike4survivors) and Mark (Moleman59) and use the hashtag #NBTSRide 
  • Please note you do not need a Peloton bike to join, you can download the Peloton app and use whatever stationary bike you have.

Zwift Rides

Our Ride Committee will be hosting weekly Zwift Rides!

  • Zwift is the most popular virtual cycling and running app in the world. Take a look.

Upcoming Zwift Rides:

  • Every Thursday with start times between 5-6 pm ET
  • Click on this link to sign up:
  • Please note the above link will be updated weekly with the new ride.
  • We’ve made the transition from Zwift Meetups to Club Rides. Club rides are more like Zwift Events. They are listed on the events page and anyone can join a Club Ride as long as they click the link above.

We also have established a National Brain Tumor Society Discord chat (talk) server. Discord is a popular chatting app used by the gaming and Zwift community. Check it out: You can talk from your computer, tablet or phone. Most of us use our phone, leaving our computers for the Zwift App. Here is the link to our Discord server: If you have any questions about Zwift or Discord, or our Zwift riding plans, please contact Steven at

Please contact Rachel Backner, Director of Regional Development, with any questions at 617-393-2832 or

Stay Informed & Connected