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Awareness Abounds: Inaugural Glioblastoma Awareness Day Moves & Inspires

A week removed from the first-ever Glioblastoma Awareness Day (#GBMDay), the stories and experiences recounted last Wednesday, Jul 17, are still reverberating across the nation. As we said as the day drew to a close, the inaugural #GBMDay is a new beginning. Thanks to the brain tumor community’s fervent advocacy and action, #GBMDay became a trending topic in the nation and the groundswell of awareness that was generated has served to establish a strong foundation for an annual commemoration that will continue to raise the collective consciousness in the U.S. about the urgent need to conquer and cure glioblastoma, and all brain tumors, once and for all.

Below are some highlights from the day (click on each thumbnail to enlarge each image). Thank you to everyone who supported and participated in the inaugural #GBMDay — for engaging with us in raising critical awareness and resources to accelerate new treatment development, and for helping make the inaugural #GBMDay a major success.

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“Take a Shot Back at GBM” Submissions

Photos From the Glioblastoma Awareness Day Congressional Reception

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