#BTAM 2016


May 2016’s Brain Tumor Awareness Month was one of action. Here’s some of the things that we did alongside the community.

Our annual lobbying day was on May 2-3. 304 advocates came from 39 states and Puerto Rico to lobby Congress on the issues facing the brain tumor community. Check out this page to learn more about the day and how you can help in your own local area.

#BTSM Chat

We participated in the #BTSM chat on resources and information newly diagnosed and those in treatment could use, as well as what actions the brain tumor community could take to advocate for the community’s needs, find treatments and new trials, raise funds for research, and how caregivers can be the best help to their loved ones.

Walks, Rides, Races and Events

Are you looking for a way to join the fight in your local community. The following events are happened in May, raising over $3,000,000:

Also check out all the events we’re listing for 2016.

Share Our Infosnaps and show your support for the cause.

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Sign up to find out more about all the events during Brain Tumor Awareness Month and what NBTS is doing to further brain tumor research and treatments here.